Friday, September 11, 2009

So it has been like forever and ever since I have posted here. It seems like that long since I have gone caching to.
I guess I should spit it out...I am at a fork in the road.
I love geocaching with a passion, but awhile ago I had a bad experience and it got worse and then it got a little better and then it just got worse again so I just decided to back away a bit.

I have a condition and unfortunately things bother me a little more than others and it is harder for me to let things go or let them slide off my shoulders...also depends on who the person is who is doing or saying these things. Crazy I know. I also have 3 herniated discs in my back, syatica in my right leg all the way to my toes and my knees have just about had it. But seriously, that doesn't stop me from going for a FTF in the snow. :)

Anyhow, I just find that some people are either too competetive or too negative for my taste and unfortunately when I go to log my finds and read a negative or abusive log it really bothers me. Sure it bothers me more to have someone do that to me, but hey, whatever, but to have to read it on other peoples' logs to? Ya it just makes me wonder why I even bother, cause seriously...
I still have over 70+ logs to log and that is one reason it has taken me this long to do so. Sad I know. I miss going geocaching. I remember going to an event and it was sad to see that about 4 people stood there and chatter while the rest of the cachers really irked me. Funny thing was it was the same people/person who writes the negative posts :(

Anyhow...I decided that I need to get some pictures up and keep this going, so I gotta get caught up, cause seriously now, I have tons and tons of pictures and tons and tons of stuff to tell ya :P
So, I am off to pick up the kids but I shall return :)