Monday, January 12, 2009

As we came home from church yesterday, I decided like it or not, I was going caching. It has been so long since we have done any caches and I am starting to go thru withdrawl. LOL
So off we went to Chilliwack to do the
Loving All Things Canadian cache.
What a wonderful trail to venture on, and such a variety of birds on the way. I wasn't able to get many pictures (well good ones) of the birds but now have shown Kelly that I need a bird book, as birds facinate me and I am always asking 'what kind of bird is that?'
As we had pulled up to park the van for our trek on the trail to the cache, a gentleman pulled up behind us and off he went ahead. As we arrived at the cache, there was the gentleman with the cache, so we turned our backs and let him finish.
When finished we all introduced ourselves and it was wonderful that we got the chance to meet Moicy. I had seen the name in logs and had never met him, so it was great that we had our chance to do so yesterday. Rainforest Rudy was quite excited to meet Moicy to.

Further down the trail on our way back to the van, we ran into Hellraiser and his family. What a wonderful day to be meeting fellow geocachers on the trail. Geo-pet Milly and their dog had a chance to say their hellos and we made sure that Rainforest Rudy got his picture with everyone there.

Travel T wanted to have his picture with Rainforest Rudy as well, so a picture we did take.

Off to another cache we ventured...hidden by the same geocachers as the previous cache. This one is titled Mother Goose Series - Three Blind Mice
On the way to the cache along the trail, I spotted this bird in the tree above. We sat discussing what type of bird it is...if you know, let me know. I am thinking it is baby eagle, or a teen eagle, but hey, what do I
I am glad I got this picture though as it shows all parts of the bird well. The head, body and especially the beak.
All in all it was a 3 cache day.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Friday, January 2, 2009


Well I did what I didn't think I would do...I cached in the snow.
A new cache came out and I figured why not try for FTF...unfortunately got STF, but still it was worth it.

The cache is called Frozen Ducksicles put out by TurtleMaintenance.
What an awesome day for a walk around Mill Lake and all the ducks there to greet you. I got some great pictures.

Coming up on the 18th of January, I have an event planned, so stay tuned for the time and place.Will be fun.