Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kelly's 700

Wow, Seven Hundred caches and counting! Amazing!

I am not too far behind...about 50 or so.
We went out to Port Coquitlam today and Kelly picked May Dayz to be his 700th Cache. Of course he has to pick the one where we have to get out of the van, stand in the freezing cold wind and count for what seemed like an eternity. We endured it though and the kids had fun.
I was a little sad to come to the first part of this cache during the winter month as I hear it is amazing to see during the summer time. Funny how Kelly's mother lives in this area, as did I at one time and had never seen this little park, and the 'ride' there. Today when giving it a push...squeek and creak it did.
For the second half of the cache we got smart and staying in the van and just drove back and forth to do our counting. Seriously....picture this van going forward along this lane....then backing up....then forward again....then backing up. It was quite the site for a couple of muggles who were admiring the mural. hee hee
After we finished the cache, the day was left for me and all the caches I wished to find, and find we did. With the bitter wind and the daylight fading, we managed to do 7 caches. I am sure we could have done a few more had it not been such a slow start in the am, the fitting of Kelly's glasses, the 'little bit' of shopping I did, and of course, picking up the brakes for the van. Priorities,
We ended the day by visiting Kelly's mother and having a Chinese food feast. I ate, had my glass of wine and basically planted myself in front of the tv, and chatted with Kelly's step dad. I had hoped and thought we were going to Bellingham for a Geocaching event, but plans had changed (much to my surprise).

I am wondering now, after caching on a day like this cold one past, how much more caching we will do. I myself didn't have much of a problem with the cold, but brrrrrrr, it sure can get nippy. As long as the snow stays away, I plan on caching right thru these winter months, as I would like to get my 1000 before April 2009.

Overall, this day of Kelly's 700th was a good one.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gearhedd's Meet n' Greet Poker Event

We were lucky to attend a poker event this year. When we arrived we were happy to see some new faces and some faces we all ready knew. Unfortunately I didn't get photos of everyone as I was busy chatting and

Not everyone stayed for the Poker part of the event and there was 7 of us playing for the championship.

Unfortunately, Grafinator aka Jason was the first one out of the game.
Six left and then Mrs. Jangor aka Jane went out and a few hands after her, I aka Best Red went out.
Only 4 left, and on the game went. The blinds getting bigger and pots rising.
TESKELLY aka Kelly was next to go out, leaving only 3.
Another few hands and Northlang aka Nathan was next to go only leaving 2.

With Gearhedd aka Brad and Mr. Jangor aka Gordon left to battle it out, the game was on. Who would win the pot and also win 4 unactivated coins?
JANGOR! Congratulations!
This was a wonderful event and we look forward to the next one.
Thanks Gearhedd!!!!!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Hallowe'en Time you say?

Welcome to Half Canadian's Geocaching Event - Lights out in Lynden
On Saturday October 25th, 2008 we ventured down to Lynden, Washington for an event that we knew was gonna be fun. It consisted of a pot-luck dinner, prizes, meeting new cachers, seeing old friends, costumes, and of course caching.

At the end of the night, Half Canadian, or should I say, Dr. Creepy Half Canadian (lol) ensured us that she had called the police and informed them as to what is going on in the area. She also handed out wonderful Lanyards that had neon lights on them and a placard that stated we were with the Lights out in Lynden Geocaching Event.

Wonderful food was brought and there was so many things to choose from. Even a witches brew to drink, that was in a cauldron.
It was great to see familiar faces and also to place a name to some of those faces. It was also great to meet some new people and trade some TB's.

Many dressed up for the event, just like Mr. Banana here. He reminded me of when my oldest was younger and watched B1 and B2 on tv. When this banana came in, I waited till the end for B2 to arrive, but he never did.

This poor soul looks like they have had more than a bad hair day. Heck a bad 'whole body day'. Is there a doctor in the house? Ah, this must be the poor person Dr. Creepy Half Canadian was working on. (lol)

When this creature came walking in and sat down, I kept saying 'he is creepy'. Later to my horror, when they pulled of the mask, the he was a 'she' with beautiful long red hair. It got me wondering if it something with us red heads loving horror and stuff like I have a couple other red haired friends who are like that as well. Hmmm....makes you wonder.

On to caching...we were given 14 caches to find. Night caching, what fun, especially when you are not wearing caching We were lucky enough to get FTF's on three of them, but really what made them all great was the well thought out containers. Half Canadian has such a wonderful knack for making up really cool caches. Below are a couple from that evening. I won't put the names here as these are published caches and I don't want to give anything away.

The first one is my favourite and I had Nana pose with it.

This one here, made me wonder what is in the water down I seriously wouldn't want to come across anything like this in a dark alley.

Again, something else I wouldn't want to meet in any forest or bush I geocache in.

I still believe it is the water they have down in Lynden
Half Canadian did a wonderful job and I look forward to her next event

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Long Time No Cache
Awhile ago at our first ever caching event, a 'Flash Mob', we decided that after the event we would go caching with Titelines. Ok, for two ladies who are just a bit older than me and smoke...they sure can climb the side of a hill fast! I was not able to keep up with these two and can understand why they have as many finds as they do and why they have some of those finds in the 5,5 range. They rock at those types of caches.
Ah yes, we had also ventured out with L'il Spoiled Brat as she was with Titelines. The children took to her very quickly, and I am sure if we are ever in need of a babysitter, the kids will not complain if we bring her over.
I can truly say that I really enjoyed our time, especially when I got to see the car with the wooden wheels. I had heard about it on the news and it was wonderful to actually see it and to get to take pictures of it.
Here is a link that explains more about it... Dream Chaser

We had an eventful day, though I can't remember how many caches we though I do remember some of them were a very long hike and some were a very long climb. I can't wait till we go again!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Stoyma Mountain 4x4 Trip

Stoyma Mountain 4x4 Trip

This was a wonderful and exciting adventure. This was my first 4x4 trip up a very bouncy and bumpy mountain. We got lost a couple of times, but in the end we managed to make it to Cabin Lake. What a view!!!!

We decided to pitch our tent under the evergreens to keep the rain and snow to a minimum. It didn't rain, but it did snow and it even dropped down to -2. I have never camped out in snowy weather and below zero degrees. The fire was warm and wonderful and even the roasted marshmallows were great. Some of the other cachers had found some lava rocks and put them close to the fire, if not in and then wrapped them in towels to put in their tents to keep them warm. TESKELLY and I didn't do that, but our tent was small enough to keep the body heat in, and with Geo-pet Milly under the covers with us, we were comfy cozy.

The hike up the mountain the next day was one I will never forget. I had to stop a few times on the hills to catch my breath, or try to catch it, but I trudged forward. Just as we reached the field of heather, it started to hail, but as we reached the plane crash site (cache site) the hail stopped and then sun came out shining.

We finished signing the log and the Tulameen Turtles and their friends ventured up to the top of the crash site. TESKELLY and I decided to venture back down the hill, as I wanted to take some photos. No sooner had I been at the bottom of the hill for about 5 minutes, it started to hail again, and hard. It was then the Turtles and their friends had started to come down the hill. So we trudged thru the heather back to the trail and tried to seek some shelter from the overhanging trees. Soon the hail turned to snow, and then it stopped all together. By the time we got to the campsite, the sun was shining but the air was still cool.

TESKELLY and I had to leave early as we had to pick up our little ones, so we un-pitched the tent, packed up, said our goodbyes and off we went for our 3.5 hour bumpity trip down the mountain. That is when t he rain began, and so it was...rain, sun, snow and hail. I have now seen it all.

How I Became a GeoCacher
Just thought that I would let ya'll know how I actually came to be a geocacher. Being married to TESKELLY helped, I would have to say that. He started caching a month before me, and being tired of being left at home, I decided to tag along one caching day, by being the designated non-caching driver.
After doing about 5 caches, I told TESKELLY to hand me his GPS and I would try the next one. With a little help at the end (what doesn't look right, he says), I found the cache. Since then, I was hooked! So hooked that to date I am at 545 caches. Yes I would say that most of them are in the 1-2.5 terrain but I am getting hooked on those 3-5 ones now. Especially the 4x4 trails. Who would have thought that bumping and bouncing over a bunch of logs and rocks and gulleys would be so much fun.

I look forward to all the caches I have yet to find and the caches I have yet to place. It is a wonderful adventure each time we go out and there are so many places we haven't seen that we are brought to. It has brought our family closer together, and above all else that is the most important to us.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tailspin GeoRally 2008

What a wonderful event!
Scruffster along with the help of Mrs. Turbo and Iron Maiden did an awesome job. We had so much fun.
What a rush...driving from Vancouver to North Van to Burnaby back to Vancouver, ending in Burnaby on Burnaby Mountain for a BBQ and fellowship.
The caches were really clever and very fun to seek and find. We were very luck that we didn't have to us any of the hints as using a hint would have cost us 45 mins. Can you believe that with Kelly, myself and the two young ones, we came in 13th out of 20? It took us over 6 hours, but we weren't in it for the race, only to find the caches and the fun of it all.

Driving around looking for the caches proved to Kelly and myself that we aren't quite ready to tackle 'The Amazing Race'. I think it would be best if all of America/Canada didn't see us at our
I would have to say that one cache I wasn't quite looking forward to getting was the one placed at Lynn Canyon. I had only thought that Capilano had a suspension bridge. WRONG! Not one who likes heights, especially when the heights rock while you walk across them. The kids loved it though, and T-man who was a bit nervous at first, walked across like he owned it on the way back.

While have the BBQ at Burnaby Mountain, the kids found the mosaic art and slid down it like a slide. They had a blast.
A big thank you to Scruffster for planning the event and we can't wait till next year for the next one.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

TB Caching Adventures

What a better way to start off a cache blog then right after the weekend of 2 CITO events and another event.
3 Events in one weekend...Rockin'.
We had such a good time in the rain in Coquitlam Lions Park, picking up the garbage, finding a tent hiding in the bush, finding a tent set up in the bush, and making sure we got everything on the Scavenger Hunt List. We had brought a cake for everyone as Nana's birthday was close so figured we all could share her birthday together. It was awesome as everyone (even the Pathfinders) sang happy birthday to her. The cake was awesome! Delicious and it looked gorgeous. (
Sure it rained, but hey, we live in British Columbia and isn't that what it always does in the fall?
It's like the saying 'If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen'. If you can't stand the rain, move out of B.C. LOL
Sunday we went to Iona Beach in Richmond and the kids were in awe of the planes landing and taking off at the airport. T-man kept saying 'this is the closest I have ever been to a moving plane'.

We started at the beginning (sign in) and went a picked up trash on the way to find the cache that was hidden out near the point. (thought? did I log those?)
We found so much garbage, as did many others. There was tons of styrofoam, a tire piece, cigarette buts, boat parts, and get this, a computer monitor. Who walks over a kilometer to toss a computer monitor on the beach????
After cleaning we walked back to the van, oh did I mention that the van was parked over a kilometer away? lol
We sure did some walking on Sunday....and some driving to, as we drove from Abbotsford to Richmond, then Richmond to Coquitlam, then Coquitlam to Ladner, and then to Coquitlam and back to Abbotsford. We were all beat when we got home. Early to bed for sure!
It was a great weekend though, meeting new people, putting faces to names (handles) and just the joy of being out in the fresh air.

This is the survey marker we found on the beach.