Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What a better way to start off a cache blog then right after the weekend of 2 CITO events and another event.
3 Events in one weekend...Rockin'.
We had such a good time in the rain in Coquitlam Lions Park, picking up the garbage, finding a tent hiding in the bush, finding a tent set up in the bush, and making sure we got everything on the Scavenger Hunt List. We had brought a cake for everyone as Nana's birthday was close so figured we all could share her birthday together. It was awesome as everyone (even the Pathfinders) sang happy birthday to her. The cake was awesome! Delicious and it looked gorgeous. (
Sure it rained, but hey, we live in British Columbia and isn't that what it always does in the fall?
It's like the saying 'If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen'. If you can't stand the rain, move out of B.C. LOL
Sunday we went to Iona Beach in Richmond and the kids were in awe of the planes landing and taking off at the airport. T-man kept saying 'this is the closest I have ever been to a moving plane'.

We started at the beginning (sign in) and went a picked up trash on the way to find the cache that was hidden out near the point. (thought? did I log those?)
We found so much garbage, as did many others. There was tons of styrofoam, a tire piece, cigarette buts, boat parts, and get this, a computer monitor. Who walks over a kilometer to toss a computer monitor on the beach????
After cleaning we walked back to the van, oh did I mention that the van was parked over a kilometer away? lol
We sure did some walking on Sunday....and some driving to, as we drove from Abbotsford to Richmond, then Richmond to Coquitlam, then Coquitlam to Ladner, and then to Coquitlam and back to Abbotsford. We were all beat when we got home. Early to bed for sure!
It was a great weekend though, meeting new people, putting faces to names (handles) and just the joy of being out in the fresh air.

This is the survey marker we found on the beach.

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