Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tailspin GeoRally 2008

What a wonderful event!
Scruffster along with the help of Mrs. Turbo and Iron Maiden did an awesome job. We had so much fun.
What a rush...driving from Vancouver to North Van to Burnaby back to Vancouver, ending in Burnaby on Burnaby Mountain for a BBQ and fellowship.
The caches were really clever and very fun to seek and find. We were very luck that we didn't have to us any of the hints as using a hint would have cost us 45 mins. Can you believe that with Kelly, myself and the two young ones, we came in 13th out of 20? It took us over 6 hours, but we weren't in it for the race, only to find the caches and the fun of it all.

Driving around looking for the caches proved to Kelly and myself that we aren't quite ready to tackle 'The Amazing Race'. I think it would be best if all of America/Canada didn't see us at our
I would have to say that one cache I wasn't quite looking forward to getting was the one placed at Lynn Canyon. I had only thought that Capilano had a suspension bridge. WRONG! Not one who likes heights, especially when the heights rock while you walk across them. The kids loved it though, and T-man who was a bit nervous at first, walked across like he owned it on the way back.

While have the BBQ at Burnaby Mountain, the kids found the mosaic art and slid down it like a slide. They had a blast.
A big thank you to Scruffster for planning the event and we can't wait till next year for the next one.

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