Thursday, December 6, 2012

OH my    O.O

It has been a couple of years, yes it has.
To think I used to be an avid journaler and just look at me now *hangs head in shame*

I will admit though, that I have backed down from geocaching a lot in the past two years, and yes a lot has to do with my health. Rather than get into what is wrong with me (plenty, hee hee) I can honestly say that I really do miss it. 
Kelly and I were talking about it, and he asked if I would mind if he closed a couple of my caches that I had put out. I asked which ones and he told me and I said nope that is fine. I said as long as we keep the 'Fairies' I am good :)

I have come to realized that the thing I liked most about Geocaching was going somewhere to look for something special, and even doing the puzzles. Not the wrack your brain, till your head falls off ones, but the ones that actually are solvable :P

I also miss the trails and getting outdoors as well as calling up a fellow geo-cacher and saying, 'hey, wanna go and get this cache with us?' Fellowship is awesome!

I am hoping come this spring and especially summer, we get the chance to start doing it more and more. 
If word comes back for me positive in January, then for sure, I shall be ready to go, and even if not, what the heck, I can still do it, cause I am damn tough...I have God on my side :D

I hope you are all taking care and caching your hearts out in the lovely weather 

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

All Better and Back Cachin'

Well sorta...
I cache with my husband TESKELLY and unfortunately he hasn't been up for geocaching due to a herniation of a couple of discs. One of those discs is pressing his spinal cord the wrong way and causing pain in his left leg and he is unable to walk on it fully.So geocaching really isn't something we are doing a lot of lately. Today though we did get out and do some cache maintenance on a couple of my caches and then we went out for dinner and came home. We have been out a couple times before, but not too much. We did do 4 caches the other day :) YAY!
I say give it time and we will be out and about more and more , and for sure you will be seeing us at GeoWoodstock and The GoldRush :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Wow, 2 months and here I am again :)

This was the day of my surgery, yes the day that I had my gallbladder taken out. Doing great, though have been overdoing it and not resting as I should be and I am sure tomorrow I am going to pay for it, but that is just me. LOL

Yesterday, the kids, TESKELLY, Teddy2K, titelines, and I went geocaching after TESKELLY, Teddy2K and titelines did their 10K walk (or was it 13K/16K?) ah I
We has a lot of fun and even got three FTF's in while doing some caching.
I won't be caching for about a week but will be getting right back into it once recovered you can count on that :) and I will remember to log them all (I hope) (yes I still have over 70+ to log)

Here are some pictures of our day....enjoy :)



(but they were just letting the kids
find the cache really)



Thursday, November 12, 2009

Our wonderful view up on the mountain at one of the caches in Tulameen

OH MY...
I just realized that I am 7 caches away from 800...I think maybe it is time to log some of the 70+ I still need to
I am so bad right now. With school starting and then Hallowe'en and I just got back into sketching again, I haven't logged them.
Well I am going to do that right be on the look out because those stats are going to go up. LOL

This is Milly at one of the caches in Tulameen

Oh wait, I know why I stopped. I think I am at the Tulameen caches and I need to find my book. :)
I had a book with me and I wrote down my experience at each I could put it in the log :)
Yup that would be I guess it is off to find the book ...
One of the locals...hee hee - nah it is just Teddy2K after a day of riding on the Quad.

Road Kill - well still alive that is :) aren't they cute? hee hee

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


and I am running for Secretary or Director at Large :)

This is my second year running for secretary, and I hope I get in this year. I pray I get in this
I thought maybe I would be a shoe in, but Sharon was nominated yesterday, so now I have someone running against me.
I know I have the qualifications, many years of them, it is just that I am not that popular with many people and sometimes I wonder if it takes popularity to win the votes? Oh well I guess we will see on Saturday.
So wish me luck :)

Friday, September 11, 2009

So it has been like forever and ever since I have posted here. It seems like that long since I have gone caching to.
I guess I should spit it out...I am at a fork in the road.
I love geocaching with a passion, but awhile ago I had a bad experience and it got worse and then it got a little better and then it just got worse again so I just decided to back away a bit.

I have a condition and unfortunately things bother me a little more than others and it is harder for me to let things go or let them slide off my shoulders...also depends on who the person is who is doing or saying these things. Crazy I know. I also have 3 herniated discs in my back, syatica in my right leg all the way to my toes and my knees have just about had it. But seriously, that doesn't stop me from going for a FTF in the snow. :)

Anyhow, I just find that some people are either too competetive or too negative for my taste and unfortunately when I go to log my finds and read a negative or abusive log it really bothers me. Sure it bothers me more to have someone do that to me, but hey, whatever, but to have to read it on other peoples' logs to? Ya it just makes me wonder why I even bother, cause seriously...
I still have over 70+ logs to log and that is one reason it has taken me this long to do so. Sad I know. I miss going geocaching. I remember going to an event and it was sad to see that about 4 people stood there and chatter while the rest of the cachers really irked me. Funny thing was it was the same people/person who writes the negative posts :(

Anyhow...I decided that I need to get some pictures up and keep this going, so I gotta get caught up, cause seriously now, I have tons and tons of pictures and tons and tons of stuff to tell ya :P
So, I am off to pick up the kids but I shall return :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

OK OK....I am
Sorry I have taken so long

I am working my way up to 1,000 caches by my anniversary date in April of 2009
Right now I am 11 away from that would mean 311 caches to do in a month in a half. I wonder if that could be done. Actually wasn't there someone who did over 300 caches in a weekend or was that in one day? LOL

I have so many things to catch up on regarding events that we have been to and caches we have name it. Thank goodness for my smilebox creations as it makes it so much easier to get the pictures up without having to organize them all. LOL

Well on Saturday we have an event here in Abbotsford. I am going to be talking about Travel Bugs and Coins.
GEOCACHING 101 - Abbotsford
I will tell you now...I am petrified. I may be a social person, but when you put me up in front of a crowd to speak, I just about throw up and I panic....really panic. It is so bad that I get the shakes. It is

On Sunday we are going to go into town and check out the Coquitlam event.
GEOCACHING 101 - Coquitlam