Thursday, November 12, 2009

Our wonderful view up on the mountain at one of the caches in Tulameen

OH MY...
I just realized that I am 7 caches away from 800...I think maybe it is time to log some of the 70+ I still need to
I am so bad right now. With school starting and then Hallowe'en and I just got back into sketching again, I haven't logged them.
Well I am going to do that right be on the look out because those stats are going to go up. LOL

This is Milly at one of the caches in Tulameen

Oh wait, I know why I stopped. I think I am at the Tulameen caches and I need to find my book. :)
I had a book with me and I wrote down my experience at each I could put it in the log :)
Yup that would be I guess it is off to find the book ...
One of the locals...hee hee - nah it is just Teddy2K after a day of riding on the Quad.

Road Kill - well still alive that is :) aren't they cute? hee hee

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


and I am running for Secretary or Director at Large :)

This is my second year running for secretary, and I hope I get in this year. I pray I get in this
I thought maybe I would be a shoe in, but Sharon was nominated yesterday, so now I have someone running against me.
I know I have the qualifications, many years of them, it is just that I am not that popular with many people and sometimes I wonder if it takes popularity to win the votes? Oh well I guess we will see on Saturday.
So wish me luck :)