Wednesday, November 11, 2009


and I am running for Secretary or Director at Large :)

This is my second year running for secretary, and I hope I get in this year. I pray I get in this
I thought maybe I would be a shoe in, but Sharon was nominated yesterday, so now I have someone running against me.
I know I have the qualifications, many years of them, it is just that I am not that popular with many people and sometimes I wonder if it takes popularity to win the votes? Oh well I guess we will see on Saturday.
So wish me luck :)


Eddie said...

I don't think it's popularity, I do think it's part familiarity.

They have to meet you and know a bit about you before they can make a choice. I'm sure some people would rather vote for someone they have met rather than the unknown person.

The unknown person may be a better choice, the voter just don't know that.....

Good luck on Saturday! And to Kelly too!

Peg said...

Well, just for your dedication I hope you get in - and I think Eddie's right, it's probably mostly familiarity.