Sunday, December 14, 2008

Kelly's 700

Wow, Seven Hundred caches and counting! Amazing!

I am not too far behind...about 50 or so.
We went out to Port Coquitlam today and Kelly picked May Dayz to be his 700th Cache. Of course he has to pick the one where we have to get out of the van, stand in the freezing cold wind and count for what seemed like an eternity. We endured it though and the kids had fun.
I was a little sad to come to the first part of this cache during the winter month as I hear it is amazing to see during the summer time. Funny how Kelly's mother lives in this area, as did I at one time and had never seen this little park, and the 'ride' there. Today when giving it a push...squeek and creak it did.
For the second half of the cache we got smart and staying in the van and just drove back and forth to do our counting. Seriously....picture this van going forward along this lane....then backing up....then forward again....then backing up. It was quite the site for a couple of muggles who were admiring the mural. hee hee
After we finished the cache, the day was left for me and all the caches I wished to find, and find we did. With the bitter wind and the daylight fading, we managed to do 7 caches. I am sure we could have done a few more had it not been such a slow start in the am, the fitting of Kelly's glasses, the 'little bit' of shopping I did, and of course, picking up the brakes for the van. Priorities,
We ended the day by visiting Kelly's mother and having a Chinese food feast. I ate, had my glass of wine and basically planted myself in front of the tv, and chatted with Kelly's step dad. I had hoped and thought we were going to Bellingham for a Geocaching event, but plans had changed (much to my surprise).

I am wondering now, after caching on a day like this cold one past, how much more caching we will do. I myself didn't have much of a problem with the cold, but brrrrrrr, it sure can get nippy. As long as the snow stays away, I plan on caching right thru these winter months, as I would like to get my 1000 before April 2009.

Overall, this day of Kelly's 700th was a good one.


Opa and Grandma said...

Congratulations, Kelly!!! 700 and counting, what fun. And, yes it was indeed a cold one yesterday.

bonnie said...

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