Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gearhedd's Meet n' Greet Poker Event

We were lucky to attend a poker event this year. When we arrived we were happy to see some new faces and some faces we all ready knew. Unfortunately I didn't get photos of everyone as I was busy chatting and eating...lol

Not everyone stayed for the Poker part of the event and there was 7 of us playing for the championship.

Unfortunately, Grafinator aka Jason was the first one out of the game.
Six left and then Mrs. Jangor aka Jane went out and a few hands after her, I aka Best Red went out.
Only 4 left, and on the game went. The blinds getting bigger and pots rising.
TESKELLY aka Kelly was next to go out, leaving only 3.
Another few hands and Northlang aka Nathan was next to go only leaving 2.

With Gearhedd aka Brad and Mr. Jangor aka Gordon left to battle it out, the game was on. Who would win the pot and also win 4 unactivated coins?
JANGOR! Congratulations!
This was a wonderful event and we look forward to the next one.
Thanks Gearhedd!!!!!!

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