Friday, November 14, 2008

Hallowe'en Time you say?

Welcome to Half Canadian's Geocaching Event - Lights out in Lynden
On Saturday October 25th, 2008 we ventured down to Lynden, Washington for an event that we knew was gonna be fun. It consisted of a pot-luck dinner, prizes, meeting new cachers, seeing old friends, costumes, and of course caching.

At the end of the night, Half Canadian, or should I say, Dr. Creepy Half Canadian (lol) ensured us that she had called the police and informed them as to what is going on in the area. She also handed out wonderful Lanyards that had neon lights on them and a placard that stated we were with the Lights out in Lynden Geocaching Event.

Wonderful food was brought and there was so many things to choose from. Even a witches brew to drink, that was in a cauldron.
It was great to see familiar faces and also to place a name to some of those faces. It was also great to meet some new people and trade some TB's.

Many dressed up for the event, just like Mr. Banana here. He reminded me of when my oldest was younger and watched B1 and B2 on tv. When this banana came in, I waited till the end for B2 to arrive, but he never did.

This poor soul looks like they have had more than a bad hair day. Heck a bad 'whole body day'. Is there a doctor in the house? Ah, this must be the poor person Dr. Creepy Half Canadian was working on. (lol)

When this creature came walking in and sat down, I kept saying 'he is creepy'. Later to my horror, when they pulled of the mask, the he was a 'she' with beautiful long red hair. It got me wondering if it something with us red heads loving horror and stuff like I have a couple other red haired friends who are like that as well. Hmmm....makes you wonder.

On to caching...we were given 14 caches to find. Night caching, what fun, especially when you are not wearing caching We were lucky enough to get FTF's on three of them, but really what made them all great was the well thought out containers. Half Canadian has such a wonderful knack for making up really cool caches. Below are a couple from that evening. I won't put the names here as these are published caches and I don't want to give anything away.

The first one is my favourite and I had Nana pose with it.

This one here, made me wonder what is in the water down I seriously wouldn't want to come across anything like this in a dark alley.

Again, something else I wouldn't want to meet in any forest or bush I geocache in.

I still believe it is the water they have down in Lynden
Half Canadian did a wonderful job and I look forward to her next event


Eddie said...

Cool event, sorry I missed it! Sorry too that I missed seeing HC and the Wonder Dog..

GEO*Trailblazer 1 said...

Just your local Waymark approvers visit.
Thanks for placing the blogsite.
It looks like you are having just to much fun.

Keep it up.
Thanks for adding it to Waymarking.