Wednesday, March 3, 2010

All Better and Back Cachin'

Well sorta...
I cache with my husband TESKELLY and unfortunately he hasn't been up for geocaching due to a herniation of a couple of discs. One of those discs is pressing his spinal cord the wrong way and causing pain in his left leg and he is unable to walk on it fully.So geocaching really isn't something we are doing a lot of lately. Today though we did get out and do some cache maintenance on a couple of my caches and then we went out for dinner and came home. We have been out a couple times before, but not too much. We did do 4 caches the other day :) YAY!
I say give it time and we will be out and about more and more , and for sure you will be seeing us at GeoWoodstock and The GoldRush :)


Eddie said...

Glad to hear you are getting better and are more active - just in time for Spring!

Just need to get Kelly ship-shape and you'll have the family all set for the good weather.

Peg said...

You have received blogger awards from Peg