Thursday, December 6, 2012

OH my    O.O

It has been a couple of years, yes it has.
To think I used to be an avid journaler and just look at me now *hangs head in shame*

I will admit though, that I have backed down from geocaching a lot in the past two years, and yes a lot has to do with my health. Rather than get into what is wrong with me (plenty, hee hee) I can honestly say that I really do miss it. 
Kelly and I were talking about it, and he asked if I would mind if he closed a couple of my caches that I had put out. I asked which ones and he told me and I said nope that is fine. I said as long as we keep the 'Fairies' I am good :)

I have come to realized that the thing I liked most about Geocaching was going somewhere to look for something special, and even doing the puzzles. Not the wrack your brain, till your head falls off ones, but the ones that actually are solvable :P

I also miss the trails and getting outdoors as well as calling up a fellow geo-cacher and saying, 'hey, wanna go and get this cache with us?' Fellowship is awesome!

I am hoping come this spring and especially summer, we get the chance to start doing it more and more. 
If word comes back for me positive in January, then for sure, I shall be ready to go, and even if not, what the heck, I can still do it, cause I am damn tough...I have God on my side :D

I hope you are all taking care and caching your hearts out in the lovely weather 

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Eddie said...

Looking forward to see the you back "out and about"